Life on Mars (brooch_pendant)

with metal artist, Barbara Mann 

Workshops give participants the skills and inspiration to cast jewelry or a small-scale object in sterling silver. Using the ancient technique of cuttlefish bone casting, students will learn to make molds into which molten metal will be poured.  Within minutes after casting, the molds are opened and the metal objects are ready for finishing.  Students will learn how to use a jeweler’s saw, hand files, abrasive paper and how to patina metal and use a rotary tumbler for polishing.

Cuttlefish Casting Workshop — Georgia Goldsmiths Guild — May 20 & 21, 2017

Keum Boo (attached gold) and Roller Printing WorkshopGeorgia Goldsmiths Guild, August 26-27, 2017  

Keum Boo Workshop Handout — click here to download a PDF

Georgia Goldsmiths Guild Studio, 5353 Buford Highway,  Doraville, GA 30340

Cuttlefish Workshop Handout — click here to download a PDF

Wiregrass Museum of Art Web Site

Dothan Eagle — “Metal Artist Barbara Mann Holds Cuttlefish Casting Workshop at Wiregrass Museum of Art”

Georgia Goldsmiths Guild, Cuttlefish Casting Workshop, Atlanta, May 2017
forty castings by members of the GGG
Greenville Center Creative Arts, Greenville, SC, 2017
silver cuttlefish castings, GCCA 2017

silver castings OCAF 2016
OCAF workshop October 2016
OCAF_carve_AlejandraEEEeee PITTS smaller
OCAF workshop April 2016 (photos, Michael Pitts, 2016)
EEEeee_OCAF workshop April 2016 composite
silver castings by the participants in the OCAF workshop April 2016
Cuttlefish Workshop April 2014 LHAC
Lyndon House Art Center, Athens 2015                                                      Oconee County Arts Foundation, Watkinsville 2014
Cuttlefish Workshop OCAF & Troy
Oconee County Arts Foundation, 2014                                                                              Troy University, Alabama  2010
Costa Rica cutting
cutting, trimming, forming mold                                                        UGA, San Luis, Monteverde, Costa Rica, 2011

Troy Lyndon